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SHANNON BAILEY and BRITNEY STANLEY, creators of The Element of Intention, had the great fortune to meet as coworkers at a high-end furnishing company in 2012. They were tasked with creating educational PowerPoints and quickly discovered their strong friendship translated to a strong creative partnership. Through knowledge, humor, and engaging presentations, their work educated employees nation-wide on fascinating topics like “Wood” and “Fabric Durability”. While they both moved on  professionally (and currently live thousands of miles apart), the collaboration continues with The Element of Intention : an educational partnership that is designed to share their expertise in a fun, informative and interactive journey of discovery.

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Feng Shui Consultant

Telling people where to put it since 1994

SHANNON BAILEY has been telling people where to put it for over twenty years. Creator of Fierce Feng Shui, she specializes in applying Western Feng Shui principles to homes, businesses and outdoor landscaping, Shannon has even done websites and virtual environments. Trained in the Art of Placement by Katherine Metz and in The Black Hat School of Feng Shui by Katherine’s teacher, Professor Lin Yun, she draws wisdom and inspiration from Western and Chinese Astrology, the I Ching, Tarot, myth and symbolism across many cultures.

Shannon lives in Kansas City, Missouri, playing with flowers, digging in the garden, and working on her 1908 shirtwaist home remodel with her husband, and 6 kitties (the house was purchased pre-gutted, but had an amazing porch). The project has been slow, dusty, expensive, and exhilarating. The cats haven't been much help. Shannon is available for teaching classes and workshops, private consultations, and Chinese Astrology readings. You can contact her through

Interior Designer

Creating colorful interiors in San Diego and beyond 

BRITNEY STANLEY, Creator of Just Go Home Design, considers herself be a designer of all kinds. Her life-long interest in furniture, art, and architecture led to a bachelor’s degree in interior design. After being immersed in the San Francisco Bay Area design industry for over ten years she started her own business. Just Go Home Design utilizes her diverse talents to create spaces that clients love to go home to. In addition to Interior Design, Britney provides home organization, web and graphic design, custom illustration and photography services.

Britney lives in San Diego, California where she enjoys the beach, daily yoga practice, her two avocado trees and her pitbull named Broccoli.  She is sharing her journey designing and remodeling their colorful and tropical home on instagram @justgohomedesign. Britney is available for remote interior design projects, web design, custom artwork and online yoga classes. She can be reached through

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