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Plant Mirror Reflection

Your Space as a Mirror

The Element of Intention offers In-person and Online Feng Shui Consultations for your Home or Business. 

Take a tour of your own space through the eyes of the ancient Chinese Art of Placement. Home, yard, business, closet--your surroundings are a mirror to your inner self. By shifting your space, you can transform your life. The big question is--What do you want?

Walk through your space and learn to view it from the Feng Shui perspective. Discuss the relationship between the layout of your space and the major areas of your life. Identify which Feng Shui tools to use and why. This experience is customized and fine tuned to help you achieve your goals and aspirations. 

Shannon is available for in-person consultations in the greater Kansas City, Missouri area.

Britney is available for in-person consultations in San Diego, California.

Remote consultations via Zoom or FaceTime are also available.

Please email us at

to learn more and schedule an appointment. 

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